Many people associate visual public art with murals and sculpture. Actually visual public art does include these elements, but also includes several different aspects of these art forms. This page attempts to share some of the common and some not so common forms of public art that is used in communities throughout the world. This just a sampling and certainly does not profess to be an exhaustive listing. We do however, feel that individuals might gain some perspective of different art forms from this listing.

Mural Art
Metal Sculptures
Sidewalk Art
Metal Art
Chainsaw Art
Landscape Art
Ice & Snow Sculpture: 1, 2
Wood Sculpture: 1, 2
Metal & Barbed Wire Sculpture
Environmental Streetscape Containers
Fountain Art
Painted Hands Art
Cowboy Metal Art
Relief Sculpture
Abstract Art
Mosaic Art
Modern Art
Sandcastle Art
Fresco Art
Sand Fantasy
Bizarre Art
Driftwood Art