California Public Art & Mural Symposium- 2007
Manteca, California- October 18 - 21, 2007
4th Bi-Annual
The California Mural Symposium is the largest mural symposium established to promote the awareness and development of pubic art in our California communities. The symposiums are held every two years and are focused on promoting public art through tourism in California communities.

The symposium provides information and personal experience from successful public art communities and artists and art experts. Subjects include nuts and bolts presentations regarding the formation, funding and operation of mural community programs.The Manteca Mural Society took on the 2007 responsibility, job, joy, and much effort to produce a great 4 days of many different approaches to accomplishing their mission. Their welcoming statement was: “If you HAVE a Mural Program, or you’re looking to START one, we have information and events for EVERYONE.”

Manteca artfully demonstrated successful mural programs, showcased new public art venues as well introduced a variety of world renown public art artists. Well done!

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