2007 Mural Showdown
“From the Fields to the Table, The Bounty of the Central Valley” was the theme for the Showdown. Each artist painted on a 5' tall by 8' wide piece of non-woven polyester. The artist had the option of doing up to 60% of the painting before the Showdown. Once in Manteca, in different businesses around town, each artist worked to finish their murals. The last details were painted on Saturday afternoon during the Artist Showcase, outside, at the corner of Yosemite and Main. That night, at the Awards Banquet, first, second and third place were awarded.
Jessie Marinas received first place for his “The Harvest Continues.” He painted at Kelly Brothers.
Colleen Mitchell-Veyna received second for “Rich with The Spoils of Nature.”
Ella Yates received third place for her “Peaches.” She painted at Don's Mobile Glass.
Colleen G-Chronister painted at IHOP and created “Holy Cow, Fruits & Veggies & Nuts, Oh My”.
Roger Cooke painted at the Holiday Inn Express and created “Valley Abundance.”
June Sand painted at the Delta National Bank and created “Backyard Harvest.”
Brian Romangnoli painted at the Bank of Stockton and created “Basket Full of Bounty.”
Guillermo Kelly painted at the Bank of America and created “History of Agriculture in Manteca.”