PUBLIC ART MUSINGS is a posting intended to keep a listing of recent public art activities that reflect the comings and goings of the Public Art World. CalPAMS members are encouraged to share their activities or activities that would be of interest to the public art community.
Postings should be sent to Bill Drennen,
Colleen Mitchel-Veyna paints a mural in Exeter, CA and another in Banning, CA

Roger Cooke & the Fire Department in Hickory, NC

Twentynine Palms restores the Father of Twentynine Palms mural

Barstow Dedicates its Old Spanish Trail mural painted by David Brockhurst

Lorin Waldron completes mural at Big Bear, CA

DS Gordon completes Philadelphia mural

Art Mortimer's “Craftsman Village” mural, May, 2007

Manteca- 2007 California Mural Symposium, October 18-21, 2007

Art Mortimer's “Manhattan Beach” Mural, February, 2007

Roger Cooke Decades of Quality Citrus Lindsay mural done- February, 2007

Roger Cooke “Charro Traditions,” Lindsay: dedicated- January, 2007

Art Mortimer’s a tribute to Long Beach Veterans: November, 2006

Art Mortimer’s Mural of Appreciation to Mayor of Long Beach: September, 2006

Global Conference in Prestonpans, Scotland: August 16-19, 2006

John Pugh is going to Hawaii...

Porterville Art Association: Upcoming Activites- June-September, 2006

Lompoc: Annual Brushes & Blues- Ken Adam Park- August 6, 2006

Global Mural Conference, Prestounpans, Scotland: 8/16-19/06

Big Bear Lake: Upcoming Activities-June-July 2006

Lompoc: 54th Annual Lompoc Valley Flower Festival- June 21-25, 2006

Roger Cooke- Toppenish, WA: Mural In A Day, 6/4/06

Art Mortimer- Vale, Oregon: Mural In A Day, 6/3/06

Ibou Ndoye- Portrait of Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory

Blythe City Hall mural: Spring, 2006

Tulare, CA... Got Milk?, (#19) 5/2006

Janet Essley- Curlew School mural

“Camp Thief” Mural to Blythe, finally…

CalPAMS receives a Proclamation from Lompoc, CA

Drain Mural, Mammoth Times Editorial
......Owens Valley Water Wars on Display, 11/24/05

Drain Mural, Water Colors, LA Times 11/22/05

Drain Mural, Sacramento Bee, LA's Artless Water Grab, 11/6/05

Drain Mural, Mural controversy or red herring?

Mural Global Conference 2006 Prestoungrange, Scotland-
......August 15-19, 2006

Harold Beaulieu speaks on mural destruction

Drain Mural issue, Bishop 1... Goliath 0

Drain Mural by John Pugh - New York Times Editorial

Drain Mural, by John Pugh, develops controversy

Bishop Symposium hugh success

California Mural Symposium to be held in Bishop, CA

Pacific Murals Towns Gather in Bowen, Queensland Australia - 9/16/05

Lindsay California Wows Us All, October 16,2003

California Mural Symposium, Lindsay October 2003

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