LARGE ART in SMALL PLACES, Kevin Bruce, New Mural Tour Book, July, 2009

Tehachapi-CANCELLED 5th Ca Murals Sympos, September 10-12, 2009

Call to Artists: Fresh & Easy Mural Project, Fresno, CA, September, 2008

Art Mortimer’s “Monolith” mural, Tehachapi, August, 2008

Jesse Marinas honored, June, 2008

John Pugh mural honors Queen Lili’uokalani, Honolulu, Hawaii, May, 2008

Wayne Winiecki is big time Restoration Master, Lindsay, CA, May, 2008

Lompoc Mural Society will host its 16th Mural-In-A-Day Sept. 6, 2008.
The subject will be "The History of Wine." 805 733-4282 or

Art Mortimer’s “Upland Waitiing Station” mural, Upland, CA, April, 2008

Art Mortimer’s “Charlie Chaplin” mural, Hollywood, CA, February, 2008

2007 California Mural Symposium, review in images, October, 2007

Art Mortimer’s “Our Bountiful Valley” mural, Manteca, October, 2007

Art Mortimer’s “Battle of the Bell” mural, 29 Palms, October, 2007

Josie Figueroa’s “Troop One” mural, Lindsay, July, 2007

Art Mortimer’s “Covina Library” mural, June, 2007

2007 California Mural Symposium Showdown Info (.pdf)

2007 California Mural Symposium Call for Artists for Showdown (.pdf)

2007 California Mural Symposium, Oct. 18-21- Applications (.pdf format)


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